Mighty Love Collection Pt. I

by ADIR L.C.

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See Straight 03:37
Oh how good they get you, run on out your burning home And when the dust settles, then you start asking for more And at this moment everything is so estranged, you shut your mind off and look the other way come back come soon, come break my heart and with all these distractions your never gonna’ see straight with a look in your eye like you’ve never seen anything growing up to fast, never got to be a kid Cause I cant seem to think (when you force it out) Shatter everything (from the dreams you have) Blaming everyone (but its all your fault) Bringing it all back to the start… The next chapter the same page A straighter stance, a varied plan, an older look, a wiser age And if your passion says to take another year To find the trail head and work out all your fears Calm down, come now, come tame that heart
Believers 03:11
Well I wish she believed in my dreams as much as I did in hers. You see she was the realist and I was the dreamer, and despite all the real talk we were both schemers. The race took off without a hitch and nothing old. Was the way we touching, the way we were talking in codes. Us believers believe what they need to in order to grow. So we closed out eyes and I took you dancing on empty streets. Was the way that we crashed, the way that we broke at the knees. The moon lit our way, but just led us out into the sea. So Im listening close to all that these stories have to tell. So many versions of ways to stay out of hell. All preaching the same that love is our salvation.
Inside Out 03:29
With my mad mask on, your eyes shine through And I’ve been sick as a dog, with vivid dreams of you So kiss me on the mouth, and bring me to your mom You’ll forget what I said, remember what I’ve done The weight of this snow, and the force of its glow is all inside out And these eyes never see what they need to believe; they look inside out So put me on that plane, and it will crash right down Right into your chest, another broken crown So bring me to your house, you know it will be fun We’ll forget what I said, remember what I’ve done The roots of this tree, oh the strength that they need spills inside out And the plans that we make can change and they will, all inside out


These are a few songs from a bigger collection of home recordings done after a long time away from home. It is the product of my first experience recording all on my own. Hope you enjoy!

MY FAMILY for their loving support and providing me with a temporary studio to create these songs; JED KOSINER for being a true brother and believing in me enough to provide me with all the expensive gear necessary to make these recordings happen; CARL HELDER for teaching me how to use all of Jed's stuff and for his constant encouragement and patience; MICHAEL BLUMENFELD for helping me clean up the songs when they were getting messy; MEGG FARRELL for gracing my recordings with her talents (check out her music!!); the talented Stephanie Pfriender Stylander for taking the photograph used on the site; and finally, ADAM 'PSYBE' CARSONS for generously offering to make art inspired by the music for the EP and site.


released January 4, 2013

All music written, performed and recorded by Adir L. Cohen at home in Glen Rock, NJ.
Megg Farrell performs background vocals and ukulele on "Believers" and background vocals on the last chorus of "Inside Out"
some final touches on the mastering level thanks to Carl Helder


all rights reserved



ADIR L.C. Brooklyn, New York

music from the heart, made to share. living on the line between NYC & TLV

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