Mighty Love Collection Pt. II

by ADIR L.C.

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Long Answers 04:11
I try and catch it all but all I get is long answers to short questions god help the voice of my regrets... their mouths keep eating up all that is left in me in this place I find myself ... cold and loose, hometown blues and so I learn to move along with a bad taste on my tongue I'm sure it's covered up just like the tags up on the wall it's my cold hands on your warm hips its that sudden shock... that guaranteed twitch got locked up in my room and lived ate the dates from my calendar and drank from the springs in my bed and cuddled up to Vonnegut ... bed is the cave I've been living in reminds me what a prick I've been and all the good things that seem to have come of me and you learn to move along with a bad taste on your tongue and sure it gets covered up like the tags up on the wall make the same mistakes until they just don't fit let most things go, but certain things like her don't quit it's my cold hands on her warm hips that sudden shock... that guaranteed twitch I try and catch it all but all I get is long answers to short questions
Younger 02:10
you looked so much younger next to your mother standing there and I couldn't hold you ... couldn't show you two how much I cared because she is always right ... as mothers will me, no more questions it seems like the right time to let it all go and start again all this empty trust, how do you still half fill my cup? all the nasty words dragged on along to far we fell so hard you seemed so much wiser right when you said that you didn't care a selfish opponent ... I was a kid and a king who did not play fair the breakups were younger will all my long letters still up ahead it could have been better no no, it couldn't have been much different what seemed like tricks and tests, hiding away made it easiest still, I never lied did what I did because shit, we almost died
orange skies and swollen trees got shaky thoughts and shaky knees sometimes it's the right time to release some times lead to better times than these I'm so dirty... I'm going to leave this town tonight belly full on swollen pride got a bottle a smoke on either side I could say that I miss you but I don't I would say that I need you but I won't I'm so dirty ... I'm going to leave this town tonight if this bus breaks down again and this pocket full of change spills on the street I'll drink cheap wine until it hits me that I am gone and you're not listening singing to myself on the loveseat I'm so dirty ... I'm going to leave this town tonight
always want time to play its course but the clock just keeps on ticking wish I could explain a little more but I said it ten times with no listening oh girl... don't think you're in space, you're just in love with me and just like that I became your rock stay bogged down to fulfill my purpose but my dream was to fly out as weightless as a million chances oh girl ... don't think it's your fault, you're just in love with me I care about you more than most but I can't love you since the last time my heart broke and though I treat you like a queen it's 'cause you are one but I'm just not your king you're a perfect girl who's in love with me I couldn't read between the lines I couldn't see between the sheets


This EP is a collection of songs written and recorded between February and November 2013. Original versions of these songs, along with some others were released on the Double Double Whammy's 'Tape Club Collective' available only through subscription. While some of the songs were written and recorded back when I was still living in the states, I recently came back to finishing them up and decided to share them with you as "Mighty Love Collection Pt. II". I think its a nice way to close out this insane year of changes by getting these tunes out there to make room for a whole new set of songs I have been working on in my new, inspiring city. Enjoy!


released December 28, 2013

Adir L. Cohen - guitars, vocals, bass, drums, keys, kaossilator,
writing, mixing, producing
All songs were recorded in my room (both in Glen Rock, New Jersey and Tel Aviv, Israel)

Goni Sondak made the art for this release (along with many flyers for recent shows of mine) she is an amazing artist, friend and roomate.
Carl Helder helped me along the way with questions about recording when I had no idea what I was doing and polished the songs up with some mastering at the end.
Michael Blumenfeld helped engineer the "Long Answers" session so I can lay down some drums properly. He also played bass and one of the guitar tracks on the second half of the song. His support and friendship is endless.
Thank you to my amazing flatmates Goni and Yonatan for living with me through the recording process and screaming into the microphone when I needed them too.
Also thanks to my family and friends, always.


all rights reserved



ADIR L.C. Brooklyn, New York

music from the heart, made to share. living on the line between NYC & TLV

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